Committee & 2023 Top Teams

Thank you to our dedicated committee and dozens of amazing teams who make Walk for Hope such a memorable and inspiring event! Proceeds from Walk for Hope support the breakthroughs that happen every day at Children’s Hospital and improve the lives of thousands of children with IBD.

We had a blast at Citizens Bank Park this year and can’t wait to see you all again next year as we hit IBD out of the park!

Walk For Hope Committee

Nancy and Jeff Fine


Natalia Andeliz
Joye Anestis
Jaida Barnes
Brad Bernstein
Elise Bernstein
Paige Furstenau
Gina Giallella

Jessica Hoffner
Emily Hunt
Jill Horner
Amy Jones
Sydney Jones
Louise Kennedy
Tory Levine

Alison Lynch
Tiffany Main
Gina Marzarella
Nicole Miller
Scarlet Miller
Susan Miller
Julie L. Rome

Abby Rubin
Kadi Schenk
Abby Souder
Jaclyn Tillotson
Madison Weaver
Erin Zirkel

Thank you to our Top Fundraising Teams for 2023!


Garrett’s Groupies
Team Fine
G.I. Wong
Hold On to Your Butts
Alex’s Army
Maya’s Minions
Consortium Networks
Team Syd the Kid
Team Avery
The Godzillas
Kaylee’s Crew
Nestle Health Science
Double Trouble
Girl’s Got Guts
Low Fighters

Gavinator has Guts
Team Bubbado
The Reuben Shufflers
Warrior Princess
IBD Center CHOPions
Katie’s Krew
Team Ohana
Bennett’s Believers
Poopsie Daisies

Adam & Ellie 2023
Connor’s Crew
Finkel Family
Finkel Family
Ellery’s Peeps
Chronically Optomistic
Sam’s Crohnies
Berklee’s Bunch
WAM’s Walkers
Straight Flush
Jumping Josie’s Joyous Joggers
AROD’s Hope
The Frankie & Harry Show
Prestige Worldwide
Team Krish
Wolff Pack
Ron’s All Stars
Fiona’s Fighters
Abby’s Army  

Team Maddie
The Holiday Cheermeisters
Diarrhea … Cha, Cha, Cha!!!
Crushing Crohns for Nate
Rowan’s Team
EDOGGs Fight
Jacob’s Bowel Brigade
Madison’s Marvels
Winter’s Warriors
Team Elise
Gutsy Girl
Team Tom
Gianna’s Crazy Crew
The InCROHNibles
Jayden King
GI Tract Stars
RAM Squad
5 South
Team Nicole