Fundraising in 7 Days

Here are some ideas to kick-start your fundraising for the 10th annual Walk for Hope, hosted by the IBD Family Research Council. Funds raised benefit the pediatric IBD care and research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

How to raise $250 in 7 days

Day 1: Put in your own $25 donation.
Day 2: Ask your best friend for $25.
Day 3: Ask five co-workers for $10 donations.
Day 4: Ask your boss to donate $25.
Day 5: Ask five friends or neighbors for $15 donations.
Day 6: Ask two relatives to donate $15.
Day 7: Ask two local merchants for $10 donations.

Who else can support me?

  • Your relatives
  • People you know through your spouse
  • Your lawyer
  • Friends from your old job
  • People you know through your children
  • Your child’s scout leader
  • Friends from your current job
  • People from your lodge or club
  • Your dry cleaner
  • Friends from school or college
  • People who sell you groceries
  • Your florist
  • Members of your sports team
  • People who sell you clothing
  • Your letter carrier
  • Members of your hobby group
  • Your babysitter
  • Members of your place of worship
  • Your painter/decorator
  • Your children’s school principal
  • Friends from your old neighborhood
  • Your veterinarian
  • Your insurance agent
  • Your landlord
  • Your next-door neighbor
  • Your next lunch date
  • Your car salesperson
  • Your wedding attendants
  • Your CPA
  • Your car repair person
  • Your travel agent
  • Your hairdresser